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 Pathfinder Psychological Services provides an innovative, strength-based approach to increasing the behavioral health and functioning of students, professionals, and businesses. We offer solution focused therapeutic services that are uniquely designed to overcome the personal, academic, and work-related challenges that people face on a daily basis.



Individual Counseling


Individual counseling services are designed for students and professionals who are putting forth the effort, but not getting the results they are looking for. We offer a highly personalized approach to helping you overcome your emotional challenges, while attaining the personal and professional growth you're striving for.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling services can be tailored to work with people in romantic or professional relationships.  We provide the space, opportunity, and guidance for two individuals to come together and develop the communication skills necessary to solve the challenges their relationship faces.

Online Counseling


Both individual and couples online counseling services are available to people throughout the state of California through a HIPPA compliant secured portal to ensure your privacy and confidentiality. Clients who are constantly on the go or those who do not live in the Bay Area, have the convenience of accessing services through their computer, tablet, or phone.

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"People who reported consistently low career and job satisfaction, had higher levels of depression, sleep problems, and excessive worrying." 

- U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics -


"Nearly 1/3 of college students reported difficulty functioning due

to depression within the last 12 months." 

 - American Psychological Association -



Employees can self refer or be referred for counseling to address daily life stressors that can impact work performance. All programs are designed to reduce absenteeism and increase  productivity through proactively addressing employees' emotional and behavioral health.  

Incident Response

When a workplace incident or tragedy impacts your organization, we provide timely clinical assessment and intervention. We empower your employees with the tools and strategies necessary to stabilize the situation and return to their highest level of performance.

Talent Management Services

Our approach to talent management seeks to identify, develop, and engage individuals who contribute the most value to your business. These services include personnel assessments,  trainings, one-on-one coaching, mediation, and team building exercises.  

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"Reduced productivity due to mental health concerns costs American companies over 200 billion dollars each year." 

 - National Mental Health Association -

Why choose Pathfinder

Psychological Services?

Pathfinder Psychological Services, Inc. is owned and operated by licensed psychologist, Dr. Courtney Thomas (license #28843). Dr. Thomas has nearly 20 years experience working with clients with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse issues across Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.  Dr. Thomas utilizes a strength based model that prioritizes the development of interpersonal skills, problem solving ability, and decision making as the tools to long term sustained mental health.

Pathfinder Psychological Services brings an empathic, yet pragmatic approach to helping bring the best out of students, professionals, and businesses across the Bay Area.  What sets us apart, is the ability to accurately assess the psychology of an individual and use that understanding to solve real world problems in an emotionally healthy and effective way.

Our approach naturally lends itself to not only helping individuals be healthier and more successful, but also provides small businesses with a critical mechanism to support and engage their employees while optmizing productivity and efficiency. Our interventions have been developed from years of experience designing therapeutic services and programming  tailored to the specific needs of individuals and organizations, and we look forward to using that expertise to benefit you.




Two Locations

2211 Post St, 3rd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94115


614 Grand Ave., #323

Oakland, CA 94610

Tel: 510-698-9311